Frequently Asked Questions
Q:  Are NMMP State Troopers certified police officers?
A . Troopers who have successfully completed field training are certified police officers.

Q. Are NMMP State Troopers reserve police officers that must ride with other officers?
A.  NMMP Troopers are not reserves. Troopers who have successfully completed field training are not required to ride with other officers. Each agency decides if the trooper will ride alone or with another officer.

Q. Do NMMP State Troopers only have authority when "on duty".
A. Yes. However, each agency defines when a trooper can be "on duty".  This can be for one event or an agency can request that Troopers always be "on duty" when present in their jurisdiction by written authority.

Q. Can a NMMP State Trooper stop me and write me a citation?
A. New Mexico Statutes section 29-6-5 gives on duty  NMMP Troopers the SAME authority as the agency the Trooper is working for. Certified Troopers are police officers, not reserves.

Q. Do NMMP State Troopers drive their own patrol units?
A.  Troopers of the NMMP supply their own equipment, and that may include their own patrol unit. Each agency governs whether the Trooper will drive their own vehicle, the agency vehicle, or ride with an agency officer.

Q. Are NMMP State Troopers New Mexico State Police Officers?
A.  No. We are a separate self-governing State agency.

Q.  Are NMMP State Troopers qualified under LEOSA for nationwide concealed carry?
A.  Yes.
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